Get Started

get started
Step #1
Contact our clinic for a Free Consultation or attend a Free Seminar.
Step #2 
Filling out a Health Profile is the next step. Please download the Health Profile & Consent Form below, fill out completely and accurately at your convenience, initial and date the bottom of each page and bring with you to your scheduled appointment.
Step #3 
Once you decide this program is for you, schedule your start up appointment!  You'll know all about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method- how it works, why it works, what you will be eating (and not eating), what you can expect for results, and you'll be on your way to success!!
* While filling out your Health Profile you will notice that some sections are in a BOLD purple type. Certain medical issues may need your Prescriber to sign off BEFORE you can start the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. While filling out your Health Profile at home, if you notice that you are checking "yes" to anything in BOLD type you can download the "Physician Permission" information located at the bottom of this page. There are 5 pdf files that need to be printed and presented to your physician and the Permission Page needs to be signed and returned to us.

Alternative Plan – Phase 1
Phase 1
Supplement Overview
The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method
Health Profile Instructions

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